Our website provides three categories of downloads related to the SETPOINT® System:

1) SETPOINT® Documentation

Datasheets, manuals, agency approval certs, installation drawings, and other relevant documentation for the SETPOINT® MPS and CMS products are are posted here as they become available. Everything is conveniently categorized, allowing you to quickly find what you need. 

2) SETPOINT® Software 

SETPOINT® Setup & Maintenance Software is used for configuring the system and for performing routine maintenance such as firmware upgrades.  It is also able to emulate the front panel display.  Even without a rack connected, the software is useful to those considering the purchase of a SETPOINT® system that want to become better familiarized with its capabilities. The can experiment with the software to populate a rack with modules, configure channels and relay logic, and explore the system's rich signal processing and data acquisition capabilites.

SETPOINT® CMS Software is used when visualizing the condition monitoring data produced by our MPS hardware, whether stored in your OSIsoft PI System or inside our innovative flight recorder - a fully integrated, solid-state hard drive and/or removable SD Card embedded right in the MPS hardware. What's more, the viewer software is a free download - allowing anyone to open, view, and even save/export data from the SETPOINT® system. 

3) SETPOINT® Firmware

Firmware is used in the SETPOINT® rack's UMM, TMM, and SAM modules.  It is also used with the touchscreen display. However, there is no need to download firmware separately from our configuration software - the two are bundled together. Simply download our SETPOINT Setup & Maintenance Software*. When you connect to a SETPOINT® rack, the software will automatically detect the current revision of firmware in all modules and display any applicable newer revisions, allowing you to selectively upgrade. For convenience, our Firmware Page provides a summary table of all firmware releases, the version number, the release date, and the features introduced.

*To download this application, visit our SETPOINT® Software Page.